About the Photographer

About the Photographer

Yes, Hello! I'm Dani!

Did you know that the brain is actually terrible at fully recollecting a memory?  "One reason we don't retain the details of the images that our eyes pick up is that in order for us to remember them, the details first have to have captured our conscious attention." (Leonard Mlodinow) It's wild to think that a camera is capable of something that the brain cannot fully comprehend. 

That's what I love most about photography, capturing unique moments that will never happen again. My parents play a big role in this as they were the ones making sure we had a photo of pretty much anything we did. Even if they weren't the best (or the clearest), each photo is like a personal souvenir from every adventure. My junior year of high school was when I made my first big girl purchase, a Nikon D3200. I would bring it with me to every school special event taking as many photos and videos as I could. Oddly, my senior yearbook is one of my most cherished items because it's where my photos were first published.

Hence, I created my mission statement, "To love your photos from front to back". Yes, each great photo has a great story behind it, but even better are the ones that tell it. In my eight years of learning this medium, I’ve come to learn how important the relationship is between the subject and the photographer. My goal is to create authentic and heartfelt photos through my warm, friendly personality, ensuring that my clients have a positive and memorable experience resulting in timeless photos that evoke emotions and bring joy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my page! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have!

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The DC Colors

-Orange- the color of happiness and creativity
-Tan/Brown-To represent I'm a black woman with just a little less melanin than some.
-Blue- My favorite color and complementary to orange

Current Equipment

I recently upgraded my camera and now am a part of the Mirrorless club! I currently shoot with a Canon R and a 24-70 f/ 2.8 lens. Prior to my switch, I was using a Canon T7i with the same lens.

What do you specialize in?

My focus is in portraits and organized events (weddings, birthday parties, etc.). During slower periods, I love to step out of my comfort zone and explore the creative, more editorial side of photography. You can view more in the "Everything in Between" section of my portfolio

How would you describe your editing style?

I love giving my work a low contrast, colorful look. I'm inspired by work from Marina Williams and Rocio Rivera

What's your favorite part about photography?

2 things...
- Anytime I can pull out my external flash. I love learning about different lighting techniques!
- The small confidence boost my clients get after a session especially those who aren't in front of the camera often

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