Many people have told me it looks like I live in my own little world...I blame the number of cartoons I watch for that. Since I was a small Ham, I've leaned towards watching animated television rather than shows with real actors. The fact that i'm able to escape my reality whether it be for 10 minutes or 2 hours is very therapeutic. Something I've been doing the last few years is having a cartoon on (preferably one I've already seen) in the background to keep me tuned in and focused. Enjoy my most recent watches!

Winter 2022-Family Guy

My go-to background noise for all my creative hobbies….shoot I was just painting my nails to a few episodes. You know that one show you just always go back to because you know it's good? I think this is the show for me because I can watch any episode, any time. A part of me feels very rebellious watching Family Guys because I was never able to watch it when I was younger. (makes it sense now) It was until college really that would sit there and mindlessly watch hours of this show. I still enjoy sitting down to watch full episodes but it's much more often you'd see me walking around listening to episodes likes it's a podcast.

McGillis, Pertsch, copyright 2007

August 2022- Total Drama Island on Netflix

I got to the point where I needed to change my editing cartoon again. Although I've been really enjoying "One Piece", I've been way too invested in the storyline and would rather stay watching that than editing sometimes. I also started a new job this month which means less time at home and less time to edit. I'm continuing to watch this on the side but to help me focus it was time to go back to Camp Wawanakwa aka...TOTAL. DRAMA. ISLAND. Did you know that this show went on for 5 seasons PLUS a few spin-offs? It's very "Looney Toons" considering both spin-offs are based on the kid aspect of the main characters. (please save yourself the time, do not watch the Total Drama Island one) My favorite character will forever be Harold because of his low-key ditzy personality and attempt to be Lawshawna's protector majority of the show. I think this is one of the most creative concepts for a cartoon and I've yet to see something similar to it since it aired.

Eiichiro Oda, copyright 1999

June-July 2022-"One Piece" on Netflix

We're back with another Manga kick! I was a HUGE fan of rewatching every Sailor Moon episode at the beginning of the year and I've been back and forth between this show and DragonBallZ. One Piece stars a boy, Luffy whose mission is to be king of the pirates. In order to do that, he has to find the "One Piece", a mystical treasure found in the Grand Line.

The show is almost as old as me and I'm still interested in the same thing every time I see posters or an episode; THE COLORS. I'm about 5 episodes in as I'm writing this and I regret not starting it earlier. The score and the story line is phenomenal.

Loren Bouchard, copyright 2011

May 2022-Bob's Burgers on Hulu

All I have to say is...duh.

If I could visit any cartoon world it would obviously be with my second family by the Wonder Wharf. In honor of the movie, I'm rewatching a few seasons and taking notes on the last one that came out.

Fun Fact: The movie's about a sinkhole in front of a restaurant that you can see growing every episode of Season 12.